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If you haven’t already, make sure you go through the using a custom domain tutorial before troubleshooting your domain.

Possible errors:

When you save your domain, there are a few possible error messages you might receive. Depending on the error message, you may need to contact us to fix the issue. You can email us at [email protected].

1. Domain is already on an account

This error message will show up if another user has already added the domain to their account. If you are the owner of the domain, you can reach out to us to get it removed from their account and added to your account. You’ll need to provide some sort of proof that you own the domain.

2. Incorrect nameservers

You’ll get this error message if you haven’t updated the nameservers on your domain name, or if the system has not processed the update yet. If you haven’t updated the name servers, that should fix the issue. Otherwise, wait an hour or two and try again.

3. Error adding domain to Cloudflare

If there’s an error adding the domain to Cloudflare, the best strategy is to contact us to resolve this issue. It is possible that the domain is already on a cloudflare account, or there’s some other error with the connection.

4. Domain added, but there were some errors

This means the connection to Cloudflare did not work as expected, and link forwarding might not work. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact us to resolve the issue.

Status Icons

Next to each of your domain is a status icon. Each icon has a different meaning, and might mean there’s an error with the domain. You may need to refresh the page to see the icon update.

Clock/waiting icon

The clock icon means that nobody has visited a link with this domain yet. The easiest way to fix this is by opening one of your links using the new domain you set up.

Warning icon

The warning icon means there was an error setting up the domain. If this icon appears, contact us to fix the problem.

Checkmark icon

If you see a checkmark icon, you’re good to go! Your domain does not have any errors and has been verified!

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