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Linking to a Live event

The first step when creating a link to a live event is scheduling your live event. If you’re using Facebook, you can follow this tutorial.

Once you have your live event set up, there are just a few steps to follow to make your link automatically point to the event.

To get started, log into the dashboard and create a new link by clicking the “Create +” button in the top right corner. Change the title to “Live Event Link”, and change the ending to something that describes your event.

2. Set the landing page

Next, set the destination to a landing page on your website. The destination is where visitors will be directed before the event goes live. If you have a landing page with videos of past live events, that might be a good link to use.

3. Set up the schedule

The next step is to set up your link to point to the live video when it starts. Click “Add Schedule +” to add a new schedule, and set the start date and time to when your event starts (you might want to set this to a few minutes before your event so people can view it if they get there early). Copy the URL that links to your live event (if you’re using Facebook, use the Event URL) and paste that in the “Destination” field of your new schedule.

Note: Make sure your account is set to the correct time zone so the link changes at the right time.

4. Set up another schedule

Finally, create another schedule that will change your link back to your landing page after the event ends. Set the start date and time to the time your event ends, and set the destination to the landing page you used earlier, or the video section on your page to allow people to view the event right after it ends.

Once you complete this process, your link is ready to share! You can use the same link every week to make it easy for your visitors to find your event.

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